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Tom Green County Bail Bond Board
Commissioners' Court Room 

Edd B. and Frances Frink Keyes Building
113 W. Beauregard
San Angelo, TX 76903
December 12, 2018

The Tom Green County Bail Bond Board met in Regular Session, December 12, 2018 in the Tom Green County Commissioners' Court Room in the Edd B. and Frances Frink Keyes Building  with the following members:
Dianna Spieker, Treasurer  
Elizabeth McGill, County Clerk  
Sheri Woodfin, District Clerk  
Beth Holland-Mull, Sheriff Designee  
Jay Daniels, Municipal Courts  
Ginger Treadwell, Board Counsel  
John Best, District Attorney  
Sandi Kenney, County Judge Designee  
Jeff Chandler , District Courts Representative  
Heather McDougal, Court at Law  
Louie Perez, Bail Bondsmen Representative  
Randol Stout, Criminal Attorney Representative
J. P. McGuire, Justices Representative
Dale Pearce, Jail Representative
Others Present:
David Jones , Sheriff
Christina George, District Attorney's Office
Christina Ubando , Chief Deputy County Clerk
Jay Mohler - Angelo Bail Bonds
Armando Martinez - Alliance Bail Bond
Ricky Villerreal - Freedom Bail Bonds
Jennifer Juarez- Freedom Bail Bonds
1.  Chairman Dianna Spieker called the meeting to order and ratified that a quorum is present at  11:00 AM.
2. Consider approval of the following Consent Agenda items:
  • A.  Moved to approve the minutes from last meeting October 17, 2018.
  • B. Moved to acknowledge the latest Bond Issuance Monthly Report, as a matter of record.
  • C. Moved to acknowledge the County Clerk's NISI Report, as a matter of record. 
  District Courts Representative Jeff Chandler
  District Clerk Sheri Woodfin 
  Vote: 10 - 0 Passed
  Clerks NISI Report
3.  Consider any submitted Bail Bond Applications submitted within the 30 day window.
a. None Received.  No Action
4. Consider Audits and take required action if any.  No Action.

5. Consider Release of Collateral for Allied once the final Outstanding Bonds are cleared.
Lengthy discussion on the process of why 3 really old bonds are still tied up after a TGOB was filed.  Defendant absconded without being arrested, so a new bond could be issued.

Moved to approve releasing the collateral for Alied, once all bonds have cleared either through an arrest or the NISI process.
  District Clerk Sheri Woodfin
  Sheriff Designee Beth Holland-Mull 
  Vote: 10 - 0 Passed
6. Canvass Elections
a. Bondsmen
Elizabeth McGill opened each ballot and read the vote cast, as a matter of record.  7 votes were cast and Louie Perez was elected unanimously.
b. Criminal Lawyer Representative
Sheri Woodfin reported that no ballots were submitted to the ballot box in her office.  She followed up with request for submittals by email and none were returned.  Chairman Spieker announced that by default, Randol Stout would remain on the board as the last elected Criminal Defense Attorney.

Moved to approve for the Bailbond Ballots to be destroyed in 30 days.
  Sheriff Designee Beth Holland-Mull
  District Courts Representative Jeff Chandler 
  Vote: 10 - 0 Passed
7. Announce 2019 Board Representatives as matter of record
New to the Board for 2019 will be:
Eddie Howard representing the Justice Courts.
Chastity Gauwain as Judge Floyd's designee.
Tayler Jones as Dianna Spieker's designee.
Jay Daniels will be representing the Municipal Courts.
Freddy Ontiveros will be Louie Perez designee
  2019 Board Members and designees
8. Election of Officers
Dianna Spieker replied that she would accept remaining as the Chairman in response to Sheri Woodfin's suggestion.
Liz McGill agreed to continue as the Board Secretary.

Beth Mull nominated Heather McDougal as Vice Chair
Heather McDougal nominated Beth Mull to remain as Vice Chair.
Beth Mull agreed to continue as Vice Chair unless someone else wanted the position.   Heather declined the nomination.

Moved to have Beth Mull continue as the Vice Chair.
  District Clerk Sheri Woodfin
  County Judge Designee Sandi Kenney 
  Vote: 10 - 0 Passed
9. Update on NISI meeting ( John Best, Ginger Treadwell)  No Action.
John Best explained that another attorney had always handled the NISI docket and after he left,  they had failed to assign the duties to anyone else, thus creating a back log of cases.  They now have a system in place and after the large NISI docket from the back log is done, they will be scheduling regular NISI dockets from now on.  
Ginger Treadwell reported that they were staying on top of it and the misdemeanor docket is pretty caught up.

10. Discuss NISI Final Judgements with no outstanding bond procedure (No action)
11.  Consider briefing from Bail Bond Companies Monthly Meeting.  No Action.
12.  Public Comments:
Items will be heard, board members cannot comment or discuss any item brought up;
Chair may add it to next available agenda.  No Public Comment given.
13.  Future Agenda Items:
14.  Announcements:
        1.  Next meeting will be January 16, 2019 at 11:00 AM.
2.  Ms. Spieker suggested that Bond License renewals could be submitted a little early, in order to take action at the required meetings instead of a special meeting (schedule attached), if possible.

15.  Chairman Dianna Spieker adjourned the meeting at 11:24 AM.
I, Elizabeth McGill, Secretary of Tom Green County Bail Bond Board, do hereby attest that this is an accurate accounting of the proceedings of the Tom Green County Bail Bond Board Meeting that met in Regular Session on December 12, 2018.

Elizabeth "Liz" McGill
Secretary of the Tom Green County Bail Bond Board

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